We begin with an interactive session to understand the project which includes discussing the goals and functionality of the space, preferences of the people who will be using it and their aesthetic choices. Next, we set up a proposal on the basis of the discussion which is followed up by detailed site measurements. On receiving the approvals, we move to the next stage


Ideation and brainstorming are done to filter the workable ideas. Visual communication tools like concept, mood and colour boards are used to present the various themes and styles to help the client see our vision better.

Detailed Drawings

After understanding the theme language of the design, we create the space layout followed by 2D presentations. We work on 3D presentations if required and agreed upon by the client. Attention to detail is crucial at this stage as it enables a project to run smoothly and on time. Approved drawings are then sent to the site for execution.


Right contractors and best quality materials are arranged and approved, post which the execution process begins. We use the best of technology, always keeping you up-to-date with the construction process and firmly adhering to the client’s preferences.


As they say, interior designing is part of a big picture. If you have always dreamt of having a house like that on interior magazines or those of celebrities, it’s very much possible with the right interior solutions! Your preference could be modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalistic, traditional, bohemian, rustic, or any other, we stylize your space accordingly with ease and much oomph! We blend different design and style elements after identifying the core aspects of each and the way they resonate with your taste and needs. With inspiring imagery and expert advice, we stylize your space with confidence. It’s an additional service which can be added and starts post project completion.